As said, I'm basing my routes on the system that existed in Glasgow until it's sad closure in 1962. Originally I was only going to do the Westside but this grew over the months as I went back to it from time to time. This went on growing to include the City Centre, North, South East now the East - everything north of the River Clyde. I should add that I have made some glaring geographical errors. These included streets shorter than they should have been and so on but   it is near enough the original layout . My most terrible mistake was on Gt Western Road. But it was before i discovered google Earth.  The part from St George's X - Kelvinbridge is short and I then found the Botanic Gdns and beyond totally out of place. I wasn't going to rebuild the whole of the West again so the bit before Botanic has two bends and longer than it should be! The area south of the river is equally large and only recently decided to tackle the myriad of lines there as well.  Meantime, here you will see my progress and  what I HOPE to do! I will check to ensure that I don't miss any lines out following my rough sketches. Each section of the city also has a Slideshow along with the map. I hope Trainz experts will not be too critical of my novice attempts?



In the west I made my first error in swinging parts of the city round a bit to conserve space and meant that Gt Western Road had to have a bend and an extra "bit" in it. At Anniesland, Crow Rd is shorter than it should be and I could spend ages talking about the rest! Anyway, if I get round to putting the finished prog on Auran's Download Station all the tram fans will get a good running system of tramlines to play with and no-one will bother too much with the accuracy I'm sure? I also had considerable bother in getting height for track and this was after advice! Added to that the height adjuster would sometimes not work no matter what I tried . Trying to run a tramline up a slope at an angle was a nightmare. This will result in some slight rough looking parts and decidely awry tracks! The end result will not be A1 on every route. However, it may turn out to be one of the most extensive tramways on Auran Trainz??



In many places there are motorways now and streets that had lines have vanished in massive rebuilding during the 60's onwards. To have set it completely in modern times would have been impossible so this layout is a mixture of the 60's AND modern times! It's all about running trams isn't it? Glasgow was once a great tenement city and this is reflected too,



Anywhere a station appears or a removed one brought back, is a seen only for show as part of the scenery as I am depicting a working tramway only.



Glasgow didn't have loops at a terminus but crossovers. However I will either provide the tram reverser or invisible track for a loop. You can of course simply reverse the tram in Auran Trainz by using the appropriate key but with a modern tram there would not be enough room beyond the crossover.



I have acknowledged on the appropriate page some of the Trainz community who have built the trams to use on the system. Both the old and modern trams have been built to a high and realistic standard. You can drive in the cab or watch them going by. In Auran Trainz you can also programme trains/trams to run where you want as well as hop from one to another driving.




These are just rough sketches - not to any scale and just to give an idea of the lines in that area

A tram simulation layout based on the Glasgow Tramway (sadly) closed in 1962 and covering every line used by around 35 route numbers and 1,100 trams at it's heightb UK's biggest tramway outside London



As a Glasgow tram nut since childhood and into my teenage years and having to watch it's gradual closure I am deeply indebted to Alan Silversmith down south in England. He has faithfully done a tremendous job on the Standard and Kilmarnock Bogie trams and of course the single-decker - the "wee baldy". He then concluded with brilliant Coronation and Cunarder trams.  He has done my love of the Glasgow Tramway a great boost and deeply indebted to him. Only enhances what I have re-created here after long hours so the Glasgow tramway is once again going about the former Second City of Empire


Glasgow Tramway Simulator