This operating tramway I have built , is based on the excellent Australian Rail Simulator, Auran Trainz 2006 version which I would highly recommend if you want to run a train simulator. It is easier to build than Microsoft Train Sim and has thousands of rolling stock, buildings and plenty of free or payware routes to download. This giant project could never have been done on MTS.

I started building this tramway simulator some time ago and came and went on it and only now is it starting to take shape. Here trams old and new can be run. I firstly bought Trainz 2004 then moved up to Trainz 2006 and this too allowed me to build anything I want so I decided to build a tramway based on the former system that existed in my home city of Glasgow until 1962.


Originally, I was only going to do the west side which I know well but that raised my sights when I reached the edge of the central area!


The next pages will indicate how i have completed what was a monumental task doing something covering a whole city and based on actual trackage. As I have said, it is easier to build a railway with Trainz than with MS and there is far more free stuff available on the Auran Trainz website Download Station. Pay it a visit and see for yourself.


I love trams hence this project and the trams can be programmed to run or you can drive one and hop into another or watch them passing by - not on this site but the actual programme I should add. The site is also for Trainz fans who can link to this site and see what I'm doing and hope to do. Feel free to get in touch

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Glasgow...a tenement city

 Welcome to my Glasgow tramway simulator layout



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